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how it works

Hey! We’re WYWF (that's Where's Your WiFi?) and we hate long, complicated WiFi passwords. Our business is simple, we make it easier for your guests to join WiFi when they visit.

WYWF Bespoke WiFi Frame

We make products that guests in your home or business can use to quickly and easily join your WiFi without getting on their hands and knees to look for the username and password from the back of the router.


WiFi details


Why we're here
When you visit a new place and want to connect to WiFi, you generally have to ask “where’s your WiFi username and password?”, to which you'll hear something like “the username and password are on the back of the router in room [x]”. We put our minds together to find a better solution and we quickly came across a glaringly obvious idea; QR codes.


Scan to join WiFI

What is a QR code?
A QR (Quick Response) code is simply a way of storing information you'd like to access quickly and universally. The same way supermarkets use bar codes to represent a given product, a QR can hold any type of information you want it to safely and securely. At WYWF, we use QR codes to safely store your WiFi credentials so you and guests in your home or business can access the WiFi quickly and easily.
How it works
1. Choose your favourite product. We have photo frames, table coastersfridge magnets (and gift cards if you're buying for someone else).
Choose your design
2. Choose your print orientation (portrait/landscape), frame colour (white/black/grey/oak/blush pink) and then enter your WiFi details exactly as they're seen on the back of your router (you can also simply upload a photo of your wifi details).
*If you have personalised your WiFi details, please enter the your personalised details in these fields.
Frame colour switch
3. Scan and join! Next time you have a guest in your home and they ask for the WiFi, tell them to open their phone camera, point it at your WYWF product and they will be automatically connected to WiFi. No usernames, no passwords, simply scan and join!
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Why it works
QR codes are becoming a larger part of our daily lives. From adding someone on Snapchat or Instagram to viewing the nutritional information of your McDonalds meal, QR codes are being used more and more by the day. This is why phone manufacturers began building in QR readers into our phone cameras.
That's right, you don't need an app, modern phones can read QR codes with their camera - simply point and scan!


Scan to join WiFi


Bespoke designs
If you would like to add a photo to your product or would like us to design a product to your product specification, please visit out bespoke designs section and fill out the form. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what you want, our designers will work with you until you're happy for only £5 extra!
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