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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We use QR codes to safely and securely store your home WiFi details which we then print on interior decor products (like photo frames). When guests in your home ask you for the WiFi password, tell them to simply open their phone camera, point it at your frame and they’ll be automatically connected. No usernames, no passwords, simply scan and join.

Scanning QR WiFI Code


QR codes are becoming ever more common and recognisable in our day to day lives. From viewing the nutritional information of McDonalds meals to adding somebody on Instagram, QR codes are simply a way to store any information safely and securely. We thought it would be a good idea to use it to store your WiFi details to make it easier for your guests to access your WiFi.

McDonalds QR Code

The reason we launched our business in 2018 is because we’re at a stage where all smartphones have the ability to scan QR codes with their native phone camera without needing to download an app.


Are my WiFi details secure?

Yes, your WiFi details are deleted from our systems moments after we’ve generated the QR code that goes on your product.


What happens if my WiFi details change after I purchase?

If you purchase a frame, you are guaranteed a free replacement. We'll cover the cost of the first replacement including shipping. If you need a second replacement, we charge £1.50 to cover the cost of shipping your free replacement out to you.


How much do you charge for shipping?

All orders in the UK come with free delivery. Shipping outside of the UK is £10.


Which details from the router should I enter when placing my order?

Enter the WiFi wireless network username (SSID) and password found on the back of the router. These are the details you would give to guests if they asked for the WiFi username and password. Please do not enter the 'Admin Password for Hub Manager' as illustrated below.

Router WiFi username and password


I have personalised my WiFi username/password, do I enter my orginal details (on the router) or my personalised details?

Enter the personalised WiFi details (the username and password you would give to guests when they come to your home).

Do you do bespoke designs?

Yes! You say it, we’ll make it. Simply head over to our bespoke designs page, tell us what you want your design to look like and we’ll get to work. You’ll only pay once you’re happy with the design. Once you’ve signed off the mockups via email, we’ll send you a PayPal request for payment then get to work.

Bespoke designs are a flat £5 fee on top of the product price.


Can I become a brand representative?

We’re always on the lookout for people to get involved with the business and spread the word! If you’re interested in representing the brand, email nick@wheresyourwifi.com and tell us more about yourself!