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"wifi" hanging plaque
"wifi" hanging plaque
"wifi" hanging plaque

"wifi" hanging plaque

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This is the last time you'll ever need to look for your WiFi password!

Tired of people asking for your WiFi password? Us too! We take your WiFi details and turn them into a personalised, secure QR code. Next time guests want to join your home or business WiFi, tell them to simply open their phone camera, point it at this wooden hanging plaque and they'll be automatically connected to your WiFi.

No more passwords - just scan and join, like this 👇

Here's more information about how it works.

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Frame specs

Size - 8.4" (w) x 4.3" (h) x 0.3" (d) 
Outer (Darker) Wood & Detail - Walnut
Inner (White) Wood - Laserwhite MDF
Hanging Cord - Flat Faux Suede (Coffee Colour)


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