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7 Modern Housewarming Gifts They'll Actually Love In 2019

If you have friends and family who’ve just bought a new home and you’re looking for a unique, imaginative housewarming gift that they’ll actually love, then you’re in the right place. After all, there’s only so much cutlery and chopping boards one household needs. Here’s 7 gift ideas for the modern home:

1. Easy WiFi login products

At Where’s Your WiFi (WYWF) we create in-home products that guests can use to automatically connect to WiFi. Simply choose a product you like (e.g. a photo frame or fridge magnet), enter your (or gift recipient's) WiFi username and password and we'll go away and do our magic.

 Where's Your WiFi products

When guests want to connect to WiFi, they’ll simply need to pull out their smartphone camera, scan the QR code and they’ll automatically connect to WiFi, no usernames, no passwords just scan, join and browse.


Where's Your WiFi username and password


If you're looking for something a little more bespoke, fill in the form on our bespoke designs page and we'll design a product to your exact specifications (for only £5 extra!).

 Bespoke cushion design | Where's Your Wifi


How it works | WYWF

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2. Google Home Mini/Amazon Echo

I must admit, when I first heard about voice products like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home I wasn’t sold. I thought it would be just another gimmick that nobody buys and fades away into the ever expanding ether of unsuccessful tech products. However, I got one free with my phone contract and it slowly snook it’s way into my everyday life.


Google Home Mini

“Okay Google, wake me up at 7:30 tomorrow morning with some light music”

“Okay Google, will I need an umbrella today?”

“Okay Google, how many calories do pandas consume per day?”

You get the idea. The only downside to buying one of these as a housewarming gift is that you’ll likely want to keep it for yourself.

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3. Voice activated smart home lighting

Staying with the 'voice’ theme, smart home lighting such as Philips Hue link to Google home or Amazon echo, giving you the ability to turn lights on and off (and adjust brightness/colour) without lifting a finger.

Phillips Hue - Google Home Lighting

Now, you may ask why this would be useful, which was my initial reaction when a friend of mine proudly demonstrated how he could turn off his bedroom light from his lounge. I believe this is one of those product that looks like a gimmick now, but will be commonplace in 5 years when voice products like Amazon Echo and Google Home are at larger scale. Either way, they’ll make a great housewarming gift which is what you’re here to find.


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4. Roomba automatic vacuum

As you may have guessed from the name, the Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner cleans your home… automatically. For the Star Wars fans out there, the Roomba looks like BB-8 had a fridge dropped on top of him.

Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner

All jokes aside, the Roomba is a great product and with the click of a button will get to work cleaning the floor of your home. Now, starting at £189, I understand that the Roomba vacuum cleaner is expensive, especially as a housewarming gift, however I thought I’d throw it in here anyway as they’d make a great gift for new homeowners.

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5. ReturnIt lost and found tags

ReturnIt offer lost and found tags that you add to your valuables giving them an easy route back to you when lost. ReturnIt tags link to an online profile that you register containing your contact details. If your tag is found, the finder will have an easy way of contacting you through your online profile. The best bit is that once your tag is found, you’ll be automatically notified of the location.

ReturnIt lost and found tags

ReturnIt offer a range of products including key tags, clothing labels, wallet cards and stickers (for phones, laptops iPads etc). At £5.99, ReturnIt is a really affordable solution to protect the things you care about most, which is perfect for new homeowners on the move.

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6. 'Ring' video doorbell

With Ring doorbell, you can monitor your home from your phone while on the move. Ring detects motion outside your door, notifies you when it’s been rang and even allows you to see and speak to whoever’s at your door. No more “your parcel has been left in a safe place”, with this handy tool you can tell delivery drivers exactly where you’d like them to leave your parcel.


'Ring' video doorbell

Ring doorbells start at £89 so not a cheap housewarming gift, however it’s one that will be remembered.

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7. Auto opening bin

If you thought there was anything in the home that was safe from technology, think again. The self opening bin detects when you intend to use it (proximity) and lifts the lid without you needing to touch a thing. I must admit, when I first saw it in action at a friends new home I questioned it’s utility, however the more you use it, the more you realise that the old way just won’t do, both in terms of convenience and hygiene. Again, not the gift the new homeowners will be expecting, but the gift that keeps on giving in the long-run.

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